Bianca Barbaro is a fibre artist who takes inspiration from vintage design and blends it with contemporary ideas to produce work influenced by mid-century interiors, colours, trends and repeating geometrical patterns.

The versatility of macramé is evident by the wide ranging form and function Bianca has achieved in her commission pieces: curved booth screens at the Palais in Semaphore, a lamp pendant for an ocean retreat on the Mornington Peninsula, a head board for a beachside residence in Tennyson, and even a Kookaburra costume for an Adelaide Fringe Festival theatre show.

Her work has been featured in home and lifestyle magazines. In addition she has produced art installations, a wide variety of wall hangings, plant hangers, terrariums, bunting and owls that have sold in retail outlets throughout Australia.

Bianca is interested in relationships and collaborations between people using the knot as a tool, and the notion that something so simple can be a vehicle for continuity and linkages. The tactile nature of fibre art also has the benefit of encouraging interaction with people, moving it beyond a purely visual experience.